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Scribus for Mac review
Open-source desktop publishing solution
WordPress review
Get your own Web site up and running with this open-source blogging platform
Filling the palmtop void

The Psion 5mx boasted a usable keyboard in a pocketable sizeThe palmtop has gone away, but some people could still use an integrated pocketable typing device.>

Modern magic: World's first 3D-printed castle

Modern magic: World's first 3D-printed castleA man in Minnesota built a 3D printer and used it to make a beautiful castle rise from the earth layer by layer. There's no dragon -- yet.>

Fashion Tech: Four Google-Approved Tips for Fashion Startup Success

Fashion Tech: Four Google-Approved Tips for Fashion Startup SuccessPhoto: Shutterstock During next month's Google-sponsored fashion and tech Startup Weekend in New York City, the Silicon Valley behemoth will host its very first Global Fashion Battle, where participants will have just 54 hours to conceptualize a startup and...

The Future of Farming: Out of the Dirt and Into the Streets
“When supply lines get stressed more, when our natural resources get stressed more, you will see a potential war over food.” That’s a widely held sentiment these days; His CityFARM project, developed at MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Mass., uses aeroponics and hydroponics—plants grown in air and water, respectively—to make farming possible in small, indoor, urban spaces. He imagines such a skeptic might say, “This is freaky food, this is super-freaky food, and what did you do with it, because I as a consumer feel like I have been lied to for a long time about my food, and I don’t believe you.” This is part of the reason why CityFARM is all open-source—there’s no subterfuge, no hiding what’s going into the processes behind the plants.
Tiny Canadian town crowdfunding full-size USS Enterprise

A starship sculpture in Vulcan.A crowdfunding campaign aims to build a full-size working version of the USS Enterprise from "Star Trek" in the Canadian Badlands, but the funding goal is a long way off.>

How to feed the cities of the future

How to feed the cities of the futureAt MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Caleb Harper’s CityFARM demonstrates the future of food production. The environment nurtures plants that have twice the nutrient density of their conventional counterparts.

Twitter helps Chicago find sources of food poisoning

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo in WarsawBy Shereen Lehman NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – When Chicago health officials saw Twitter users complaining about local food poisoning episodes, they reached out on Twitter to those users and often ended up charging the restaurant in question with a violation. “We know that the majority of cases of foodborne outbreaks really never end up getting reported to the local health department anywhere in the country,” Dr. Bechara Choucair told Reuters Health in a phone call. “We realize the people might not pick up the phone and call the doctor, but they might go to Twitter and complain to the world that they got food poisoning from eating out,” he said. Choucair and his colleagues in the Chicago Department of Public Health wondered if there was some innovative way for them to identify new cases of foodborne outbreaks in Chicago that are regularly missed.

Three reasons college textbook prices are out of control

Three reasons college textbook prices are out of controlUniversity of Wyoming professor Peter Thorsness didn't used to pay much attention to how much the introductory biochemistry textbooks on his syllabus cost. He knew they were expensive, but he expected that students would use them over and over as a reference. Since then, "I know what things cost," Thorsness said. Recently, Thorsness and other faculty members picked one textbook — Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry — that students could use for three courses in sequence, so they wouldn't have to spend more each semester.

Tech chief during rollout leaves White House: source
Todd Park, a successful tech entrepreneur who became a top adviser to President Barack Obama, will move to the West Coast at the end of the month as part of a White House team, the source said on condition of anonymity because it has not been made public. The move signals a growing effort by the government to try to recruit from Silicon Valley.
Just Touching a Laptop Can Reveal Secret Data

Just Touching a Laptop Can Reveal Secret DataIt's the most "current" news you'll read all day: The pattern of the electric currents that pass through your laptop computer can be used to determine your encryption keys, as a group of three Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University have shown. By measuring the electric potential running through a laptop's casing, or through a cable attached to the machine, or even by measuring the electric potential of a human touching the casing, the researchers were able to extract two different types of encryption keys used in the open-source encryption hardware known as GnuPG. When the computer's owner accessed GnuPG software and entered the decryption key, the pattern of electrical potential that flows through the laptop's metal parts was enough to let the researchers determine 4096-bit RSA keys and 3072-bit ElGamal encryption keys.

Ringtone Maker review
Create custom ringtones with advanced features
Ringdroid review
Create personal ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds from existing music/audio files and record new ones
Why Silicon Valley billionaires are obsessed with Burning Man

Why Silicon Valley billionaires are obsessed with Burning ManIt's a special time of year in San Francisco, when neighborhoods empty, and executives from major Internet giants join 70,000 people in pilgrimage to the experimental mecca of Burning Man. Burning Man is located in a temporary 5-square-mile city erected in the bare flatland of the Nevada desert. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google's Larry Page, and Tesla's Elon Musk have all joined their fellow burners in years past, weathering blistering heat and unpredictable sandstorms to enjoy a week of dancing and interactive art.

The Social Network That Can't Stop ISIS

The Social Network That Can't Stop ISISWhy Diaspora Says It Can't Stop ISIS From Using Its Network

How to Cut Your Textbook Costs in Half -- or More
Don't fall into the trap of buying all your course materials new at the campus store.
Listings: Upcoming Events at Birchbox, Lolë, SyncStudio, and More!

Listings: Upcoming Events at Birchbox, Lolë, SyncStudio, and More!Photo by Driely S. for Racked SOHO—Join the team from Korean skincare brand Dr. Jart+ as they team up with the Birchbox store tomorrow to offer free skin consultations. Customers can enjoy Suja juices, snacks from Chobani, and a...

10 Percent of Chrome Extensions May Be Malicious

10 Percent of Chrome Extensions May Be MaliciousUp to 10 percent of Google Chrome browser extensions may be up to no good. Of 48,332 Chrome extensions, 130 were found to be seriously malicious, and another 4,712 labeled "suspicious," by six computer science experts at the University of California's Berkeley, Santa Barbara and San Diego campuses. The researchers have also developed Hulk — not the gamma-irradiated superhero — which is a piece of software for detecting malicious behavior in Chrome browsers.

Now you have an awesome way to make Google Street View come to life with location-specific sounds

Now you have an awesome way to make Google Street View come to life with location-specific soundsGoogle Street View is one of the best ways to take a virtual tour of a potential vacation destination, a place you want to know more about or even your own hometown, but it’s only part of the experience. With Sounds of Street View, the hearing solution professionals at Amplifon are bringing ambient noise to Google Maps. Using Amplifon’s Web Audio API platform, developers can designate ordinary Google Maps markers to emit 3-dimensional sounds that will change in volume and direction depending on where the user is “standing” in Street View. The company has put together three separate experiences to demonstrate how the software works. In France, you can approach a church and hear the bells begin to toll, walk past a man

Defense Grid 2 hits Sept. 23

Defense Grid 2 hits Sept. 23Tower defense title Defense Grid 2 will launch on Sept. 23 for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, developer Hidden Path Entertainment announced today.

Can you own a language?

HTC One M8 for Windows reviewIn its first-ever transparency report, the Wikimedia Foundation revealed a handful of odd stories about takedown requests sent to Wikipedia. Among the claims on public-domain books and monkey selfies was a curious request from 2012: that Wikipedia remove a page on the Tasmanian language palawa kani, because an aboriginal resources center owned the rights to the language itself. According to intellectual property lawyer Brad Newberg, invented languages aren’t so different. In 2012, Oracle claimed that it owned aspects of programming language Java.

NYPD Denies Request For Open-Source Counterterrorism Reports

NYPD Denies Request For Open-Source Counterterrorism ReportsNEW YORK -- Chalk another one up for secrecy at the New York City Police Department. The NYPD has rejected a HuffPost request to give the public a look at open-source counterterrorism reports the department regularly shares with thousands of private security honchos.The department denied HuffPost's public records request for open-source...

Juice Head: Open Source Organics recently opened a...

Juice Head: Open Source Organics recently opened a...Open Source Organics recently opened a second outlet on 638 N. Robertson in West Hollywood, serving a similar array of cold-pressed juices, kombuchas, smoothies, acai bowls, and wellness shots. Basically anything to rejuvenate and regenerate the tired urban body and...

'Naked PCs' lay bare Microsoft's emerging markets problem

A shadow of a man using his mobile phone is cast near Microsoft logo at the 2014 Computex exhibition in TaipeiOn a trip to Beijing a decade ago, Bill Gates was asked by a senior government official how much money Microsoft Corp made in China. Indeed, Microsoft's current issues in China conceal a deeper problem for the U.S. software giant - despite the popularity of its Windows operating system and Office suite, few people in emerging markets are willing to pay for legitimate copies. This not only costs Microsoft in lost revenue, but is also holding back the spread of its newest Windows 8 version - analysts say even buyers of pirate software prefer older versions. According to StatCounter, a website that tracks what software is loaded on Internet-connected computers, more than 90 percent of PCs in China - now the world's biggest market - are running pre-8 versions of Windows.

Khmer Rouge diary: 'Everyone works like animals'

In this photo taken, July 18, 2014, writings from Younly's diary book is permanently displayed at the Documentation Center of Cambodia's office, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Nearly 40 years ago, hunched on the floor of the wood and leaf hut he was forced to live in away from his children, Cambodian school inspector Poch Younly kept a secret diary vividly recounting the horrors of life under the Khmer Rouge, the radical communist regime whose extreme experiment in social engineering took the lives of 1.7 million Cambodians who died of overwork, medical neglect, starvation and execution. The writings in a piece of paper reads: "If father dies before your mother…"(AP Photo/Heng Sinith)PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — From 1975 to 1979, when the Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia, an estimated 1.7 million Cambodians died through overwork, medical neglect, starvation and execution. One of them was Poch Younly, a school inspector who kept a rare diary made public last year. The following are selected excerpts from the second half of the diary, written between Feb. 9 and Aug. 1, 1976:

'Football Manager 2015' to arrive in November

"Football Manager 2015" will arrive this November for PC, Mac and Linux.As expected, Sega and Sports Interactive have confirmed the release of a new version of their soccer management simulation game, which will go on sale this November for Mac, PC and Linux. While the publisher has promised to reveal a list of updates and improvements on the previous version this October, so far little is known about "Football Manager 2015."

Snowden leaks spur new crop of secure phones, communications

Blackphone hits back at BlackBerry, says people actually want to buy its phonesBy Joseph Menn SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Public concerns about the U.S. government's secretive surveillance programs exposed by Edward Snowden have spawned a slew of encryption products and privacy services that aim to make electronic spying more difficult. Two products brought out in the past five weeks illustrate the rapid development of the new marketplace: Blackphone, a handset which started shipping on June 30 for $629, and Signal, a free app that appeared on the iPhone app store last week. They are among an array of offerings to emerge since Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, last year leaked documents that showed the U.S. government harvested enormous amounts of data from the likes of Google Inc, Yahoo Inc, Microsoft Corp, AT&T Inc and Verizon Communications Inc. Though they have different business philosophies, target markets and tactical approaches, the companies behind Blackphone and Signal share an underlying encryption technique, world-class cryptographers, and an anti-government stance.

How to Protect Yourself from Digital Stalkers

How to Protect Yourself from Digital StalkersIf you're afraid someone is spying on you, you've probably already stopped posting pictures to Facebook or checking in on Foursquare. Next, remove location data from your Facebook posts and tweets, including any attached photographs, and recheck the privacy settings for all your social-media accounts. You don't want your stalker learning that you've searched for ways to avoid him or her, as that could trigger a confrontation.

Docker Sells dotCloud to cloudControl To Focus On Core Container Business

Docker Sells dotCloud to cloudControl To Focus On Core Container BusinessDocker, Inc., the commercial company behind the open source Docker project, announced today it had sold its dotCloud Platform as a Service business to Berlin-based cloudControl. The deal presumably will allow Docker to focus on its core software containerization business.In a blog post on the dotCloud website, Developer Support Manager Andrew...